I’m Off to the World Series.

Don’t count on me to deliver any brilliant or insightful market commentary early Friday morning. I am going to the second game of the World Series to watch the hometown San Francisco Giants best the Detroit Tigers, and might well be seriously hungover.

The match was triggered by San Francisco’s amazing 9-0 over the St. Louis Cardinals in the seventh game of the National League pennant play offs. The top of the ninth inning was played in an absolutely torrential downpour. The TV announcer covering the trophy handover had raindrops dripping off the end of her nose. Cable cars rang their bells, cars honked horns, and many of the city’s downtown buildings were bathed in orange spot lights.

With the two teams tied 3-3 going into the final game, the market for stub hub tickets was interesting to say the least. When the Giants scored their first run, the price for an infield seat jumped from $475 to $495. As the trader that I am, I spotted a trend reversal and scooped up four tickets. By the time the game was over, the price had soared to $700. A gain of 41% in eight innings had to be my best trade of the year.

After not getting into the World Series for 50 years, The Giants have made it into the fall title match twice in the last two years. This is not because some billionaire owner lavished money on the team to buy the most expensive players, as with the New York Yankees. It is simply a collection of odd ball characters that happen to play together exceptionally well. That description could well apply to most of we iconoclasts who live in the San Francisco Bay area.

I shall be reporting further from the field.

Your baseball correspondent,
John Thomas





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