January 16 – Hedge Fund Manager Yra Harris Covers the World with his Global Macro View of the Financial Markets and Tells all to The Mad Hedge Fund Trader on Hedge Fund Radio

Long time futures trading veteran, Yra Harris, thinks we are in a mini bubble now, which is not built on excessive leverage, and therefore won't go as high as previous ones.  The carry trade is now pouring into large cap equities with decent dividends and healthy balance sheets, like Verizon Communications (VZ) and AT&T (T).

Why should banks bother lending to borrowers of dubious credit when they can simply pick up a clean 400 basis points in the Treasury market. He foresees chop inside a range for the indefinite future, frustrating the hell out of traders.

Yra likes gold and silver against FX shorts, like the euro and the British pound, as investors continue to seek a deflation hedge. He also likes the grains long term, as Obama is continuing the disastrous policies of the Bush administration, such as promoting ethanol as an alternative fuel. He is cautious on copper, which has become overextended and is overly dependent on the China trade. The Fed should raise interest rates by 2% tomorrow, as the artificially low 0.25% rate now is creating dangerous imbalances in the financial system.

Yra is a global macro hedge fund manager who has been a fixture of the futures community for over three decades. He writes a daily blog on macro investing called Notes From Underground, which you can find at www.yrah53.wordpress.com .

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