June 15, 2010 – The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Vivian Lewis of Global Investing on Hedge Fund Radio

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1) Vivian Lewis of Global Investing Gives Her Take. Vivian Lewis says that Poland is attractive, gold (GLD) is looking toppy, and there are great long term opportunities in Thailand. She should know. Vivian is the publisher of Global Investing, one of the oldest international investing newsletters in the business. Thailand is a manufacturing and export powerhouse where companies grow 20% a year, pay dividends of 5%-7%, but are only selling for ten times earnings. Once the current civil war between the establishment 'yellow shirts' and the breakaway 'red shirts' passes, it will be time to buy. That may happen when the wildly popular King Bhumibol dies, who is currently extremely ill. The way to play it now is to buy closed end funds like Thai Capital Fund, Inc. (TF) which recently were selling at discounts to net asset value of 17%. It turns out that burning down the stock exchange doesn't make valuing funds easy.

Poland looks like one of the most attractive countries in Europe, along with Turkey and Russia (click here for my own piece on Poland). It has a large population, a capable government, and newly found supplies of natural gas could enable it to replace Russia as Europe's marginal source of energy. Privatization of relics from the communist era promises a windfall for everyone. To make it easy, two Polish ETF's have been recently launched, including (PLND) and (EPOL).

Vivian is scouring the earth for companies whose stocks have crashed due to their association with pariah oil major British Petroleum (BP). She finds include Australian Insurer QBE Insurance Group (QBEIF.PK), and Singapore offshore platform builder Keppel Corp. (KPELY.PK).

Vivian graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1962, and took off for Europe where she landed a job as the Paris correspondent of the prestigious weekly business magazine, The Economist. Vivian was one of the few token Americans there at this pillar of the British establishment. I was the other one, working as the Tokyo correspondent. After 18 years, she returned to New York and started Global Investing, a daily newsletter then dedicated to American Depository receipts, known as ADR's, Yankee bonds, and foreign preferred stocks. With the advent of the Internet, she moved online, built a global network of correspondents, and expanded her coverage to include new instruments like exchange traded funds. Vivian, who speaks six languages and has an acid wit, will cover the global investment scene with me today. To learn more about Global Investing, please visit her website at http://www.global-investing.com/ . To listen to my interview with Vivian on Hedge Fund Radio in full, and pick up a shopping basket of other international investment opportunities, please click on the 'PLAY' arrow above.

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