June 24, 2010 – New Ag ETF’s to Hit the Market

Featured Trades: (CORN), (WEAT), (SOYB), (CANE), (UNG), (USO)
Teucrium Agricultural Trust Corn Fund
Teucrium Agricultural Trust Soybean Fund

Teucrium Agricultural Trust Wheat Fund
Teucrium Agricultural Trust Sugar Fund

4) New Ag ETF's to Hit the Market. Teucrium Trading LLC has at long last plugged a gaping hole in the ETF line up by announcing the launch of three new funds in the agricultural sector. Coming to market are ETF's for sugar (CANE), wheat (WEAT), and soybeans (SOYB). The move comes on the heels of its successful launch of a corn ETF (CORN) earlier this month, the lead agricultural contract in the futures market. Teucrium plans to avoid the contangos that have bedeviled other commodity based ETF's, like those for natural gas (UNG) (click here for my piece on its woes ), and crude (USO), by spreading investment over both front and far month contracts. The new family of ag ETF's will enable retail investors to get involved for the first time without going through the headache of opening separate commodity futures trading accounts. These funds can be traded through any garden variety online brokerage account. Institutional investors will happily avoid dealing with a recalcitrant CFTC. The timing of the launch, for once, couldn't be better because virtually all contracts are trading at close to one year lows, thanks to forecasts of bumper crops this year. Thank you Teucrium!