June 7, 2011 – My Take on the 2012 Election

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3) My Take on the 2012 Election. This is going to be an interesting election. A Pew Research/Washington Post poll asked Republican voters to choose a word that best described their party's current field of presidential candidates. Here is a ranking of the words they chose:

not interesting

Some 40% chose negative terms, while only 20% picked positive ones, with 40% undecided.

On the other hand, President Obama is going to have to run with plunging employment, residential housing in free fall, consumer confidence falling off a cliff, food and energy prices skyrocketing, and a dysfunctional government that is slowly sliding into bankruptcy. Can he become the first US president in history to win reelection with an unemployment rate over 7.2%.

If he does, it will only be with the assistance of Sarah Palin. The chief accomplishment of the Tea Party so far has been to hand the Senate in the last election to the Democrats in the 2010 election. This did this by fielding candidates who were weak, inexperienced, and incompetent in states like Nevada and Delaware where the Republicans should have otherwise won.

That pattern repeated itself two weeks ago in an upstate New York congressional by election where the Tea Party candidate took 9% of the vote, ensuring a Democratic win. Is Sarah Palin Alaskanese for Ross Perot, the last independent candidate who delivered a three way voter split that swept Bill Clinton into the top job?

Keep in mind that the election is still 17 months off, and in the world of politics that might as well be 17 centuries. After all, who outside of Illinois had ever heard of Barrack Obama 17 months before the last election? Then it was Hillary's to lose, and that is exactly what she did.

Is Sarah Palin Throwing the Election to the Democrats Again?