May 17, 2010 – Palladium is the Top Performing Asset of the Year

Featured Trades:  (PALL), (PPLT), (LUMBER), (NATURAL GAS), (EURO), (SUGAR)

3) Palladium is the Top Performing Asset of the Year. Here's an update of YTD asset class performance. Palladium (PALL), one of my favorites (click here) is now on top with a 33.3% return, followed by my lumber call at number three (+24.8%), and my platinum (PPLT) bet (+18%). Sugar, which I missed, is the worst investment you could have made this year (-45.5%). I did warn investors away from natural gas (-20.6%), which has been the third worst performer, and the fifth worst, the euro (-12.3%). As for my now famous announcement that I'd rather get a poke in the eye with a sharp stick than buy equities (click here), they are up a miserable 1.8% YTD and definitely heading south as I write this. All in all, I'm having a pretty good year, so far. I hope you are too.

Perf.png picture by madhedge