May 20, 2010 – Meet the First Mass Market Car of the Future

Featured Trades: (NISSAN LEAF)

4) Meet the First Mass Market Car of the Future. I put my $99 deposit down to get my five door Nissan Leaf hatchback this December, which will be the world's first mass market, price competitive all-electric car. The vehicle will be entirely run by a 24 kilowatt hour lithium ion polymer battery. In a few months the company will send an electrician to my house to tell me how to wire the 220 volt circuit I need for an eight hour recharge, which I already have to power my hot tub and dryer. This will enable me to drive up to 100 miles a day on a single charge, which handily covers my 70 mile round trip commute into San Francisco. If I get lucky in a pickup bar, I have already scoped out the downtown parking lots that offer a 20 minute quick charge with a credit card swipe. It will cut my fuel cost by 75%. My maintenance costs fall to zero, since the engine has only five moving parts. Even the brake pads will last three times longer, as the braking system is also used to recharge the battery. At the most, I'll be looking at a wheel bearing repack at 100,000 miles. Nissan is not selling the cars, only putting them out on three year leases at $349/month, or $379 if you want the solar spoiler and the rear video monitoring system.  When the lease is up, I can just give the car back to Nissan and let them deal with any battery life issues. I'll also be able to trade it in for the next generation Leaf, which by then should see the range boosted to 200-300 miles. To get yourself on the waiting list, go to Nissan's website by clicking here. When you take delivery, not only will you have the coolest wheels on the block, you will also be able to finally give OPEC a well deserved middle fingered salute.