May 25, 2010 – Looking for that Ultimate Graduation Gift?

Featured Trades: (SILVER BUFFALO)

4) Looking for that Ultimate Graduation Gift? I know many of you geezers are as old as me, or worse, which means you may have some graduation ceremonies to attend this month and next, and are wracking your brains for the appropriate gift. Rather than give that gas guzzling clunker in the back yard that no one wants, a copy of Alan Greenspan's The Age of Turbulence which will never get read, or a membership in the 'Jam of the Month Club,' I have a better idea. Privately issued .999 fine, one ounce silver buffalo coins, which are modeled after the old Indian head nickel, can today be bought for $22.95. This is a gift whose value can immediately be appreciated, is easily portable, and will increase in value over time. It will teach that graduating son, daughter, niece, or nephew the value of investing in precious metals when it comes to building a nest egg. Buy them ten, and you will be putting the down payment on their future wedding. Give them 100, and you will be paying for their kid's college education. During the sixties, I worked in a snack bar in Los Angeles when silver dollars and Kennedy half dollars were still in circulation. Whenever a customer paid with a silver coin, I swapped it out for a recent copper/silver alloy coin. Over time, I amassed a collection of over $100 worth of silver. In the late seventies, when the Hunt Brothers ran silver up to $50/ounce, I cashed in the hoard and paid off $5,000 worth of student loans. Get your newly minted grads into the white metal now, and they'll be praising you for your wisdom and foresight at future family gatherings. Yes, I know you professional investors have better ways to play the sector, such as through futures or 100 ounce bars. But as a gift, the silver buffalo has that personal touch. To get preferential pricing for these sought after coins, please click here.

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