May 3, 2010 – Baidu Goes Ballistic

Featured Trades: (BIDU), (BYDDF), (GOOG)

2) Baidu Goes Ballistic. Since I am in an 'I told you so' mood, take another look at Baidu (BIDU), which I said last week involved swimming at the deep end of the pool (click here for the call). Well, the pool just got a lot deeper. The Chinese search engine company, the 'Google of China,' announced absolutely blow out earnings, causing the stock to tack on a breathtaking $100, or 16%, in one day! No doubt this is due to the retreat of its only real competitor, Google (GOOG). But a lot of it is due to organic growth as well. This easily takes the PE multiple for the stock well over 100, compared to a lowly 24 for Google itself. Did I mention that I piled investors into this stock at $120/share 18 months ago (Click here at if you don't believe me)? This stock is going to break my previous speed record to achieve a ten bagger. The only company which I follow that has done better is the Chinese electric car builder, Build Your Dreams (BYDDF), which has already delivered its tenfold return (click here for that).