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Stress Free Easy to Execute and Manage High Quality Trade Alerts that generated over 60% in 2013 just by Looking Over John Thomas Shoulder... For Free.


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 100s of Testimonials since the inception of this program cannot be wrong.


Holy smokes! You really did it with the UNG trade. Up 25% in two hours? How did you do that? It was the best trade you’ve ever done. It’s the best trade I’ve ever done. It was the right thing to do at the right time. And you had the balls to put it on after the (UNG) opened down a dollar. The follow up report was one of your best ever written as well. I will never again doubt your advice.

The next chicken fried steak at Billy Bob’s is on me. Thank’s a million.

Tampa, Florida


Hi John,

I was a subscriber when you first started the service.  Then I got busy and did not renew.  I listened to your webinar yesterday and bought the January (TBT) calls. I have already made over $12,000 on the trade.  So, I guess that I need to sign up for the service again!

Cary, North Carolina


I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy reading my daily emails from you.  You provide tons of information in a clear manner – with humor thrown in to boot!

Great ideas for longer term investing that have more than paid for my yearly subscription already.

Keep up the great work.

Tulsa, Oklahoma


After losing money with a million different advisory services and registered brokers I finally found YOU, and YOU make it all worth it!!! Thanks a bunch. I have so much confidence in you!

Quarona, Sesia, Italy


I don’t know what I would do without John Thomas’s information. It is informative and entertaining. In the past 2 years I have almost doubled my portfolio, something I couldn’t have done on my own.

As a military member, he has enabled me to ensure that I will not only be able to retire on time, but also help my children through college. If things keep going this well, I will be able to pay for their college.

Many blessings to you, John and your staff.

Warm regards,
Charlie M.
US Military, deployed


David Tepper

 This is your chance to ‘look over’ John Thomas shoulder as he gives you unparalleled insight on major world financial trends BEFORE they happen.

This equals a profit potential you’ll have to see to believe.

 When you work with John Thomas, you are working with a "Legendary" level hedge fund trader with vast knowledge of risk and money management.

James Chanos

Because of his deep-rooted background trading the global markets, John is able to give traders crucial, timely, and accurate trade ideas that, much more often than not, result in a hefty profit for those who follow his every move.

With a FREE ACCOUNT you’ll get:

  • 1-2 trade alerts per month, via Email and text messages (SMS) whenever John sees an opportunity for you in the markets.
  • Follow up commentary with concise explanation of the trade John has suggested and why.
  • Free Training
    • How to know how many contracts or shares you need to buy or sell based on your portfolio size.
    • How to execute John's Trade Alerts
    • Training on Risk and Money Management to avoid catastrophic losses.
  • LIVE coaching via bi-weekly outlook webinars, where John reviews market activity over the past two weeks, gives you a detailed outlook at the upcoming two weeks ahead, and most importantly, explains how you can turn this information into huge profits. Question and answer sessions will assure that you don’t leave the group coaching sessions without knowing WHY you’re about to make the moves that John recommends.
  • Special Bonus Report: The Markets in 2030 for a Long Term Outlook of the current U.S Economy.

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