November 11, 2009

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November 11, 2009

Featured Trades: (VETERANS DAY)

1) There's a short letter today. I'll be putting on my tattered and faded Marine Corps desert camos, pinning on my captain's bars, and attaching my Purple Heart, Southwest Asia Service Medal, decorations from the Kuwaiti and Saudi governments, and my good conduct medal, all earned the hard way in Desert Storm, and leading the Veteran's Day parade in our local community. I will be pushing my 84 year old uncle in a wheelchair, a World War II Navy vet with a Bronze Star (USS El Paso, Battle of Leyte Gulf). I will be joined by my Vietnam era companions, wearing their ragtag collection of mismatching old uniforms and campaign ribbons, bearing scars both physical and mental, singing marching songs in unison. I am a veteran of six wars in Algeria, Cambodia, the First Lebanon War, Iran-Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Desert Storm. I got credit for one, and for the other five my contribution was 'unofficial', 'off the record', 'classified' and bereft of paperwork. That doesn't stop the metal detectors from whining whenever I pass through an airport (they would let me in the United Nations in Geneva at all!). Sadly, my advice on Iraq was ignored, so I have watched the present war from the sidelines. Afterwards, I am going to score my free dinner at Applebee's. Semper Fidelis.
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