About The Mad Hedge Fund Trader

...The Mad Hedge Fund Trader PRO†is a unique package of products and services that enhances your investment performance.

They cover all asset classes, including global stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, commodities, precious metals, energy and real estate.

The goal is to teach you to think like a hedge fund manager and obtain absolute positive returns on your portfolio at all times. We really donít care about performance relative to a benchmark, like the S&P 500.

It is all about Stress Free Results...

John Thomas instructs readers on how to execute low risk/high return techniques used by the best hedge fund managers. It gives specialist traders in single markets knowledge and expertise across all asset classes worldwide.

Mad Hedge will send you Trade Alerts via email to notify you exactly when to execute specific trades. It then follows these up with posting a daily profit and loss statement. Trades are closed with follow up alerts on when to take profits, or when to stop out.

This gives you the opportunity to operate your own personal hedge. It is up to you to place the orders.†

We follow up the trading service with a daily research newsletter that gives you the in depth fundamentals behind our recommended Trade Alerts. This provides you with a steady stream of the best written, insightful, and yes, often funny, information available in the market. It offers a fabulous education about todayís complex and often volatile financial markets.

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Mad Hedge offers several other services to further educate you. Hedge Fund Radio delivers live weekly interviews with investing heavyweights. Global Strategy Luncheons give you the opportunity to meet John Thomas one on one at venues around the world. A massive archive and database provides a library of potential investment ideas. Johnís Global Strategy Webinars every 2 weeks give followers an updated snapshot of the state of play in all asset classes.

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