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March 5, 2021

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The Five Most Important Things That Happened Today

(and what to do about them)

Jay Powell Lays an Egg,

at a Wall Street Journal conference. He said it would take some time to return to a normal economy. The speed of the interest rate rise was “notable.” We are unlikely to return to maximum employment in a year. He couldn’t have heard of more dovish speech. But all traders heard was that inflation was set to return but will be “temporary.” That was worth a 600-point dive in the stock market and a 5 basis point pop in bond yields. My 10% correction is finally here!

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From the Front Lines of the Vaccine Front.

The lines and the waits are so long that many Covid-19 doses are going bad before they get into arms. The solution to this is to get your doctor to perform a covid antibody titer, which requires a blood draw and is paid for by the CARES Act. Find out for sure if you got the good stuff. The alternative is to get the disease or be dead.

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Cathie Wood was far and away the best fund manager of 2020. She, value investor Ron Baron, and myself were alone in the darkness four years ago saying that Tesla (TSLA) could rise 100-fold. Cathy’s flagship fund The Ark Innovation ETF (ARKK) rose a staggering 433% off the March 2020 bottom. Alas, it has since given up a gut-punching 28% ofg the February high, exactly when ten-year US Treasury bonds started to crash. Watch (ARKK) carefully. This is the one you want to own when rates stabilize. It’s like another (ROM).

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What are They Drinking in Texas?

Maybe the governor forgot to boil his drinking water when he lifted all Covid-19 restrictions, allowing stores, bars, and restaurants to go to 100% capacity. As a result, another 10,000 Texans will die. The move is in direct contravention of CDC rules, which is now run by scientists and not political hacks. Many bog chains, like MacDonald’s and Target. Are still requiring masks. The really bad news is that there is not another election until November 2022.

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China Targets 6% GDP Growth for 2021.

Last year, they clocked 2.3%, the worst in 44 years. Having healthy customers is always good for business.

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