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January 23, 2020

Fiat Lux

The Five Most Important Things That Happened Today

(and what to do about them)

Chinese Coronavirus Spreads to US,

with the first live case making it to Seattle, WA. The death toll in China is now at 17 and the disease is spreading fast. Is this the first black swan of 2020? Dow is down 200.

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Weekly Jobless Claims Up 6,000,

as the Christmas effects finally start to wear off.

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Existing Home Sales Soar,

up 3.6% in December, the most in two years. Inventories are down to three months, an all-time low. Median Home Prices rocket 7.8%, the most in four years. The market could grind to a halt for sheer lack of supply.

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Tesla Tops $100 Billion in Market Cap,

with the stock up $35 to $582. Analysts can’t raise their targets fast enough. It’s still the most heavily shorted stock in the market, and the largest single position for many Mad Hedge followers. My ten-year target of $2,500 is starting to look too conservative. Elon Musk is crazy not to do a secondary share offering here.

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Trump Threatens Trade War with Europe,

specifically Germany and cars. The economy there would be devastated. Who invited him? Didn’t anyone tell him WWII is over?

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