1) What is the difference between the Global Trading Dispatch and the Mad Day Trader?

The goal of the Mad Day Trader is to generate rapid, but risk controlled profits during a narrow three minute to three-day time horizon. All of the emphasis is on the largest and most liquid securities, including the stock, bond, foreign exchange, precious metal, energy, and agricultural commodity markets.

By contrast, Trade Alerts issued by Global Trading Dispatch targets a longer term three day to six-month time horizon.

The two products combined compliment and reinforce each other to give investors the extra edge they need to dominate markets. The Mad Day Trader produces precise entry and exit points, profit targets, and stop loss levels, while the Global Trading Dispatch provides the deep fundamentals behind them.

Short-term traders can use the fundamental call to determine whether they should be playing intermediate trends from the long or the short side. Long-term investors can use the short-term advice to better time their order executions.

It is a win-win situation for traders and investors of every stripe.

2)?What is your refund policy?

There are?NO REFUNDS?available for the?Mad Day Trader?Subscription quarterly or yearly.? At the end of either service, the subscription will terminate.? There are also no auto-renewals for these services.? You will be responsible for renewing any subscription in order to continue the membership service.

NOTE: You may request a refund and immediate termination of your subscription in the case of fraudulent or unauthorized usage of your credit card. If this is the case, notify us immediately by emailing?support@madhedgefundtrader.com?or by filling out the form on our?Contact Page.