November 1, 2013 – MDT – Midday Missive w/TBT Position Update

While the Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader focuses on investment over a one week to six-month time frame, Mad Day Trader, provided by Jim Parker, will exploit money-making opportunities over a brief ten minute to three day window. It is ideally suited for day traders, but can also be used by long-term investors to improve market timing for entry and exit points.

We’re filled on our Sell orders, taking profits on 3/4 of our long TBT position.

The rest of the trade is completely free, meaning you can’t lose money! We’ll update a new trailing stop on Monday.

Oil…technicians will be eyeballing 94.75-80 as support “the 50% retrace of the past 2 years”

USD/JPY… is attempting an OR day. We’re not going to take this trade today, however we will put it on our radar for next week.

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