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Global Market Comments
November 25, 2014
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John Thomas - Beach

The Yearend Melt Up Has Started!

Any doubts that my bullish call on global risk markets would play out as promised were blown away on Friday. That was when the central banks of China and Europe delivered a surprise, one two punch of monetary stimulus for their own troubled economies. The quantitative easing baton has successful been passed from America’s Federal […]


Trade Alert Drought Explanation and My Market Take

Those of you who recently purchased the Mad Hedge Fund Trader’s mentoring service may have noticed a sudden drop off in Trade Alerts. During October, I sent out a record 44 Alerts and Updates. As a result, that month was my best of the year, bringing in a gain of 6.69%. This month, only 5 […]

Woman - Hari Kari

Japan’s Rude Awakening

Traders in Japan suffered a rude awakening yesterday morning when the Ministry of International Trade and Industry announced that the troubled country’s GDP shrunk by -1.6% during the third quarter. Analysts had been expecting a gain of 2.2%. What’s worse, this is the second consecutive quarter of negative GDP, meaning that the Land of the […]

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Live Webinars

John Thomas

Don’t Miss the November 19 Global Strategy Webinar

My next global strategy webinar will be held live from San Francisco on Wednesday, November 19 at 12:00 PM EST. Mad Day Trader, Jim Parker, will be my willing coconspirator to provide his expert short term trading ideas and comment in general on the markets as a whole. I’ll be giving you my updated outlook on stocks, […]

Global Strategy Luncheons


Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2014, Chicago, IL – Global Strategy Luncheon

Come join me for lunch for the Mad Hedge Fund Trader’s Global Strategy Update, which I will be conducting in Chicago on Tuesday, December 23. A three course lunch will be followed by a PowerPoint presentation and an extended question and answer period. I’ll be giving you my up to date view on stocks, bonds, […]

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Why Water Will Soon Become More Valuable Than Oil

If you think that an energy shortage is bad, it will pale in comparison to the next water crisis. So investment in fresh water infrastructure is going to be a great recurring long-term investment theme. One theory about the endless wars in the Middle East since 1918 is that they have really been over water […]


Is There a Bitcoin in Your Future?

I often get asked at lunches and speaking engagements whether people should be investing in bitcoin. My answer was always that it was a scam and to be avoided at all costs. I was vindicated when the value of the online crypto-currency collapsed 74% from its peak, from $1,230 to $320 to the US dollar. […]

Gold Coin

Why Warren Buffet Hates Gold

The ‘Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffet often goes to great lengths to explain why he despises the barbarous relic. The sage doesn’t really care about the yellow metal, whatever the price. He sees it primarily as a bet on fear. If investors are more afraid in a year than they are today, then you make […]

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Travel Videos

John Thomas - Harem

Announcing the Mad Hedge Fund Trader YouTube Video in Istanbul

Come with me to visit one of the most lavish palaces ever built, complete with its own harem. Explore one of the boldest engineering works ever undertaken. Learn how to navigate your way around a Turkish bazaar. Admire some of the greatest wonders of the architectural world. These are just a few of the enticements […]

John Thomas

Announcing the Mad Hedge Fund Trader Video Channel on YouTube

One request I get more than any other, is to expand on my half century of international travel, provide a business, economic, and historical backdrop, and place it in today’s global context. Shake up such a cocktail of experience and knowledge, and more than a few trading and investment ideas spill over the top. If […]

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V.I.P Friends

Medal of Honor

A Tribute to a True Veteran

Today is Veterans Day, and I’ll be putting on my faded Marine Corp fatigues and railroad track bars and leading the home town’s Veteran’s Day parade. So I thought it would be a good day to tell you the story of my Uncle Mitch. Since job prospects for high school graduates in rural Pennsylvania in […]

Roy Essoyan

Tribute to a Giant of Journalism, Roy Essoyan

I had been filled with great sadness when I had learned of the passing of an old friend and mentor, Roy Essoyan, the former Tokyo bureau chief for the Associated Press. When I was a young, wet behind the ears financial journalist in Japan during the early seventies, Roy had the charity to take me […]

JT with Tesla

Why US Stocks Are Dirt Cheap

Once again, the hedge fund industry got it completely wrong. Once they loaded the boat with shares in September, the stock market launched on a long awaited 10% correction, the first in three years. Remember when congress forced the US government to nearly default on the national debt? That was the last time we saw […]