Selling Gold Again

The real shocker today in the Fed’s announcement is that it may increase monetary easing from here. As if we haven’t had enough already, with the US and Japan throwing in a combined $170 billion a month worth of monetary stimulus!

More easing means that the America’s central bank thinks the global economy is even weaker than you and I realize. Yikes! Man the lifeboats, pass out the parachutes, and tighten your seatbelts! This is bad for commodities and even worse for precious metals, especially gold.

The barbarous relic has managed an impressive $155 rally off its $1,325 bottom made two weeks ago. This is one of the sharpest and fastest moves up in the yellow metal in history. It has been largely achieved through massive buying of physical coins in India and the US, as well as short covering in the futures markets and the ETF (GLD). The disappearance of margin calls has also been a major help.

The heavy hand of the China slowdown is still with us. So I am more than happy to buy the SPDR Gold Trust Shares June, 2013 $150-$155 in-the-money bear put spread. The big attraction here is that I have a generous $97 safety cushion over the next six weeks before I lose money on this trade.

You can thank the sky high implied volatilities on the (GLD) puts for getting such a great deal on this spread. Just for the sake of comparison, the implied on the (GLD) $150 puts you just sold short is 18.2%, some 30% higher than the 14% front month implied on the Volatility Index on the S&P 500. If you don’t understand why this is important, please buy the book, Options for the Beginner and Beyond, at Amazon by clicking the title or the book cover below.

GLD 5-1-13

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