We view The Mad Hedge Fund Trader as a vital resource that helps us focus on major market trends that are most likely to make money over time. It is a resource that helps us filter out the daily noise in various markets and the mostly irrelevant commentary of TV’s talking heads.

Unlike many newsletters that focus on one strategy or asset class The Mad Hedge Fund Trader’s experience stretches across currencies, commodities, international markets, and equities. His writing sews these themes together, painting an investment picture that makes you never want to miss an issue. He is also able to bring a deep network of professionals into his analysis, providing a perspective that is hard to match elsewhere.

We find that MHFT is often early in identifying major potential changes in the market. It is not a market-timing tool. It sometimes takes patience to see ideas come to fruition, but when they do, the surprise is often to the upside.

It has helped us to identify important trades that really help us add alpha to a portfolio. Whether we are looking for equity ideas in emerging markets or analysis of real time macro situations nearer to home The Mad Fund Hedge Trader provides great perspective on what is important now.

Napa, California