After reading your article, in MHFT this morning on ACA/Obamacare, I just had to write to thank you for expressing so eloquently both the frustration I feel regarding the idiocy of the popular perception of the Affordable Care Act and the actual "facts on the ground" about it.

The ability to discern truly relevant facts about what affects the markets and provide actionable advice about trades is the reason I subscribed to MHFT.  Thanks for taking the time and risk of applying these skills to health care policy, which, when you get down to it, is probably more important to your subscribers than a successful trade.

Your views deserve a wider audience, as they might encourage people to take the time to understand the facts about how the ACA will affect them and focus the efforts of their representatives in Congress on solving the problems of providing an effective health care system, instead of fighting over ideological shibboleths.

Best Regards,

Seattle, WA
Comment from John Thomas: Any investor who passes his information inputs through an ideological lens is doomed to failure, whatever that lens may be. Better to give your money to a professional manager, who will then call me and ask what to do with it.