The next time you feel internal pressure to get something out to us subscribers just because we haven't heard from you in a while, please remember this:

1. I am grateful when I don't get something from you. I know that, like the tiger and other great hunters, you must stalk before you pounce. I'm content to wait for the kill.

2. To keep subscribers happy and on board, I know you must publish something fairly regularly. Well, any time the markets aren't offering up easy targets, feel free to share your general trading and investing wisdom, such as today's priceless Learning in the School of Hard Knocks. In the end, these will prove at least equally valuable as some of your best trades.

3. Besides, the profits I've already made will more than pay for a lifetime of renewals, so why should I complain about a temporary lack of trades? For me, the two best things about your service are:

(a) you regularly make money for me, but, even more important,

(b) you don't waste my time or my money by manufacturing a barrage of recommendations just to meet an arbitrary publishing schedule. Less is more.

Thanks for all, Tiger, and keep up the great work!


Gary B.
Garden City, New York