All Asset Class Risk Reversal at Hand

I believe that we are on the verge of seeing major reversals across all asset classes. Get this one right, and you will make a fortune. Screw it up, and you will soon be looking for your next job on Craig?s List.

I understand that there is a desperate need for code writers in the cloud.

As always, I am taking my cue from the bond market. The great anomaly in the financial markets during February was the big divergence between the stock and bond markets.

While it was off to the races for stocks, the S&P 500 rocketing an impressive 7%, bonds didn?t believe it for a nanosecond.

If you had asked any global strategist a month ago where the ten year Treasury yield would be if the (SPX) posted a new all time high at 1,865, to a man they would have said 3.05%. Instead, bonds closed the week at a parsimonious 2.65%.

Something is desperately wrong with this picture.

If it were just bonds blowing a raspberry at this stock rally, I wouldn?t be so concerned. However, both the Euro (FXE) and the Japanese yen (FXY), (YCS) moved from strength to strength. They should be falling in a real bull market for stocks.

Precious metals have also been calling foul. If shares were the new risk free investment, why did gold pop by 9% last month? Better yet, why is silver up a sparkling 18%?

The gold producers have done even better. When Barrick Gold (ABX) soars by 26% in s single month, you?ve got to be worried about the stock market.

So here?s what happens next. With an assist from the Russian takeover of the Ukraine (wasn?t it so polite of them to wait a full week after the Sochi Olympics ended?), bonds take a run at the highs for prices and the low for yields, in the mid 2.50%?s.

This is why Mad Day Trader, Jim Parker, shot out a quick, opportunistic long play in the (TLT) last week. There, they will fail once again, as we are now in the early stages of a multi decade bear market.

This will prompt stocks (SPX) to give up a third to a half of the recent rally, taking it to the bottom of an ascending channel at 1,800 (see below). Volatility (VXX) will spike from the current $12 handle back up to $20. This is why I bought the (SPY) $189 – $192 bear put spread on Thursday, which expires on March 21.

When the bond rally gives up the ghost, shares will resume their 2014 surge. Avoid emerging markets (EEM), because another dump in the bond market knocks the stuffing out of them one more time.

What will the currencies do? This will be the starting gun for great short plays on the yen, which returns to a ten-year bear market, and the Euro, which is just tweaking a three-year high.

In the meantime, the dollar basket ETF (UUP) launches into a multi month rally after putting in a double bottom. I shouldn?t need to draw lurid drawings for you on how to trade this.

As for gold? Sorry in advance to the hard money crowd, the inflationistas, and conspiracy theorists (who cares if Germany wants its gold reserves back from the Federal Reserve?). I think the 2014 rally in the barbarous relic dies a sudden, horrible death, and goes back to retest the $1,200 low one more time, possibly breaking it.

This scenario opens up great entry points across virtually all of the many asset classes that I track. When it?s time to strap on a position, I?ll shoot out Trade Alerts as fast as the speed of electricity permits (186,000 miles per second, or 300 meters per second in Europe).

Yes, I think we will finally get a real 10% correction in stocks going into the summer. But you better be nimble to trade it. My experience tells me that too many of you are selling at market bottoms, not buying.

I just thought you?d like to know.

spy 2-28-14

RSP 2-28-14

TLT 2-28-14

TNX 2-28-14

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