Mad Hedge Hot Tips for April 15, 2019

Mad Hedge Hot Tips
April 15, 2019
Fiat Lux

The Five Most Important Things That Happened Today
(and what to do about them)


1) President Says the Dow Should Be 5,000-10,000 Higher, if only the Fed hadn’t raised interest rates last year. That would take the market multiple up to a record 25X. This is coming from a guy who went bankrupt four times himself buying at market tops. But is he buying now himself? Click here.

2) Watch Out for the Plane Shortage This Summer, as the 737 Max software fix drags on. American Airlines has already cancelled hundreds of vacation flights. Book that ticket early. Buy (BA) on the dip. Click here.

3) Home Mortgage Demand is Soaring. It looks like an ultra-low 4.03% 30-year fixed rate mortgage is going to rescue the residential real estate market from the jaws of defeat this spring. Click here.

4) Broker Earnings in Free Fall, as collapsing trading volumes take a bite. It seems investor faith in this rally is almost nil. Risk is high. Take profits you lucky bastard. Click here.

5) Earnings Are Coming in Better Than Expected for Q1. It is looking like companies excessively cut forecasts during the dark days of December. But is it already in the price? Cut risk. Click here.

Published today in the Mad Hedge Global Trading Dispatch and Mad Hedge Technology Letter:


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