Mad Hedge Hot Tips for April 25, 2019

Mad Hedge Hot Tips
April 25, 2019
Fiat Lux

The Five Most Important Things That Happened Today
(and what to do about them)


1) Risk in the Market is Rising. Look at the big overreaction to weak 3M earnings this morning. With the Mad Hedge Market Timing Index at 69, there is only a 31% chance that your next “BUY” will make money. Click here.

2) Tesla Loses $700 million in Q1, but the stock rallies anyway. It’s tough to press the world’s most heavily shorted stock down here. It’s all because the EV subsidy dropped by half since January. Look for a profit rebound in quarters two and three. Capital raise anyone? Tesla junk bonds now yielding 8.51% if you’re looking for an income play. Click here.

3) Microsoft Knocks it Out of the Park, with great earnings and a massive 47% increase in cloud growth. Stock looks hell-bent to hit $140, and Mad Hedge followers who bought the stock are making a killing. (MSFT) is now the third company to join the $1 trillion club. Click here.

4) All Eyes on Amazon which reports after the close. Will they pop 5% like the other FANGs? Or will the focus be on the divorce? Click here.

5) Chipotle Gets Hammered. Earnings were good, but they disclosed the existence of a criminal investigation stemming from a few unfortunate burritos last year. This business never gets old. Click here.


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