Mad Hedge Hot Tips for January 11, 2019

Mad Hedge Hot Tips
January 11, 2019
Fiat Lux

The Five Most Important Things That Happened Today
(and what to do about them)


1) The Government Shutdown Hits 3 Weeks. If it continues, you can kiss this market rally goodbye. We are losing 5-10 basis point of GDP growth per day, and JP Morgan has already cut Q1 growth by 25 basis points. Click here.

2) 2019 Earnings Forecasts Just Got Chopped, from 10% growth to 6%. Will they get cut more? Your retirement portfolio cares. Click here.

3) Junk-Bond Issuance Returns, after a 40-day absence. It had shut down during the stock market crash. Maybe the bull market really is resuming again? Click here.

4) Home Mortgage Rates Hit a 9-Month Low, with the conventional 30-year fixed rate loan now wholesaling at 4.4%. Will it be enough to reignite the real estate market? Buy Lennar (LEN). Click here.

5) Will China’s Top Trade Negotiator Visit the US This Month? It could be worth another 1,000 points in the Dow. Click here.

Published today in the Mad Hedge Global Trading Dispatch and Mad Hedge Technology Letter:


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