Mad Hedge Hot Tips for March 15, 2019

Mad Hedge Hot Tips
March 15, 2019
Fiat Lux

The Five Most Important Things That Happened Today
(and what to do about them)


1) Quadruple Witching Today, with the expiration of the quarterly options. Watch out for last minute gyrations around key strike prices at the close. You can go from in-the-money to out-of-money in a heartbeat. Billions are at stake.

2) Tesla Releases Model Y SUV, but the cheaper $39,000 version won’t be available until 2021 and the stock dives. We are approaching the make-or-break level for the stock, the bottom of a two-year range. Get ready to buy on the meltdown. This is a ten bagger in a decade. Buy (TSLA). Click here.

3) The SEC Sues Volkswagen, for fraud for selling securities while faking mileage stats for its clean diesel cars. It turns out they weren’t so clean after all. VW has already been taken to the cleaners once on this issue, paying $14.9 billion. Avoid VW. Click here.

4) The US Economy Slowed Sharply in Q1, or so says the Federal Reserve, pointing to a 0.4% decline in manufacturing activity in February. Time to be cautious. Click here.

5) The Ides of March are Today. It did not work out well for Julius Caesar. Will it kill off the stock market too? Watch out for friends bearing knives.

Published today in the Mad Hedge Global Trading Dispatch:

(JNJ), ($INDU), (PFE), (NVS), (AZN)