While Global Trading Dispatch focuses on investment over a one week to six-month time frame, Mad Day Trader will exploit money-making opportunities over a brief ten minute to three day window. It is ideally suited for day traders, but can also be used by long-term investors to improve market timing for entry and exit points.

Mad Day Trader uses a variety of technical and fundamental indicators to determine when to enter and exit a market. In addition, specific support and resistance areas for the major markets are continually evaluated to help determine if and when a market should be entered or if it?s more prudent to stay on the sideline. Specific trade suggestions will be sent to you by email for immediate execution. Market conditions will dictate the volume of trade recommendations.

As with our existing service, you will receive ticker symbols, entry and exit points, targets, stop losses, and regular real time updates. At the end of each day, a separate short-term model portfolio will be posted on the website.

The Mad Day Trader service is provided by Bill Davis, a self educated independent trader for 35 years.

Bill Davis graduated from Lehigh University in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business, with a major in accounting. Bill opened his first brokerage account shortly after graduating from college.

During the 1980?s, Bill began trading stock options, turning an initial $19,000 grubstake into just over $50,000 in about four months. When the ensuing summer correction hit, the account was reduced considerably. This began a lifelong pursuit of trading education that continues to this day.

During 2010, Bill began training others to trade using his proprietary methods and has developed a real passion for helping others.

We are lucky to have him on our team and to gain access to his experience, knowledge, and expertise. Bill is devoted to helping traders of all levels.