November 8, 2013 – MDT – Midday Missive w/SSO Trade Alert

While the Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader focuses on investment over a one week to six-month time frame, Mad Day Trader, provided by Jim Parker, will exploit money-making opportunities over a brief ten minute to three day window. It is ideally suited for day traders, but can also be used by long-term investors to improve market timing for entry and exit points.

The high frequency boys had the data a full minute before the rest of the world. So what else is new?

A tradable low seems to have been put in the Equity Indices.

Spu’s… sustaining and closing above 1748-50 is needed for confirmation of a low. 1743 is the current hold level for the Spu.

SSO…91.20 has to hold to remain firm.

The uptick in rates has the banking index “BKX” receiving positive flows.

BUY a 50% position in the SSO @ the market with a stop below today’s low.

Current market is app 91.60. ?The protective stop is 91.15 intra day.

I think it’s worth leading off on this trade to take a small nibble risking??the .5%?.

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