Options Trading For Beginners

otfb-button-no-more-infoI have distilled 45 years of market and options trading experience into a simple three-hour video course.

The course covers the basics of options trading, as well as insights that even the most grizzled trading veterans can appreciate.

It was recorded at my personal trading station in San Francisco, as well as on location around the world. Think of it as a basic options educational course that meets ?Europe on $1,000 a day?.

Each chapter instructs you on the basic strategy behind each trading tactic. I then take you through my personal online trading account to show you exactly how to execute orders in your own accounts.

It will certainly be the most scenic, and probably the most entertaining, options course you have ever taken.

Available in my online store for $48, this is one of the best bargains you will ever find.? Topics covered in this series are;? My Trading Philosophy, Trading Rules to Live By, What is An Option?, How to Find a Great Options Trade, Meet the Greeks, How to Execute a Trade Alert, How to Execute a Vertical Bull Call Spread, How to Execute a Vertical Bear Put Spread, and Introduction to Risk Management

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