I have always had a passion for the markets and Macro Millionaire gave me the courage to make my first trade. At the time I was unemployed and put in everything I could scrape together – about ten thousand dollars. For me this was a free education, as the profits would pay for all the books and the fee. My father gave me some money as a gift, while telling me ?I was crazy? following ?some guy? off the Internet.

Every suggestion I have taken religiously. I follow all your lead indicators from the Shanghai stock market to Dr. Copper and the jobless claims. In the last couple of months I have started doing my own successful options trades based on the extra suggestions you give in the webinars and commentaries. Often I do a trade and ten minutes later an alert comes.

My father who is worried about his future (like so many of us) is now joining the program. I am going to assist him with his first trades. Another family member has asked me to manage his money. I really feel you are helping me become a hedge fund manager with this fantastic program.

London ? England