I took advantage of an offer to subscribe to your service in early April and in Mid April of this year, received and executed on the Trade Alerts to buy puts on Boeing, IWM, FXE and GLD. Today, May 16th, I followed up on the trade alert and closed the GLD put position with a return of 155%. Overall, on the remaining positions in IWM, BA and FXE I have a 17% return however that may understate the actual return as I also took advantage of your hedge recommendation and sold puts 1:1 against my positions in BA and FXE.
As a technical trader with experience in Forex and commodities, I was drawn to your newsletter first and subsequently to subscribe to your service by your global macro view of the markets and your ability to simply express where a “tradeable opportunity” exists in response to the warp and waft of the fundamentals.
As a subscriber, I have come to appreciate your bi-monthly webinar updates and your balanced commentary, market insights over the short, medium and longer term, along with a healthy dose of risk management. I understand that nobody is right 100% of the time and I appreciate your integrity in taking credit for the wins as well as the loses. Looking forward to a profitable year of trading with MHFT and certainly with the GLD put option trade, I’m off to a good start.
I think MHFT is an excellent investment for experienced individual traders and please feel free to share my comments with prospective subscribers.
Good trading and kind regards,
Chicago, IL