I love it John. The analysis is great – and the trades are limited to a dozen or so vehicles I can follow. You make it so easy for us. The service continues to improve – alerts are more timely, text alerts are working nicely. My only wish is the webcasts were regularly posted same day – waiting until the next day is tough (only been a few times).

And I’ve had a darn good year (my first) trading. I’m up 150% on the year – from down 50% at the low (builds character right?). Retiring comfortably (and < 60) seems like a real possibility – I need 3 more years like this in the next 10. My greatest fear is you’ll retire before I can, or the volatility that makes quick $ disappears.

A year into this and it’s proven to be a true life-changer – one of the things I’m truly thankful for.

Kind Regards,
San Jose, CA