Trade Alert - (AAPL) October 12, 2017

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SELL the Apple (AAPL) October, 2017 $140-$145 in-the-money vertical BULL CALL spread at $4.98 or best



expiration date: October 20, 2017

Portfolio weighting: 10%

Number of Contracts = 22 contracts


With the markets now more overbought than at any time in the last 17 years, I am going to start taking money off the table.

I am therefor taking profits in my position in the (AAPL) October, 2017 $140-$145 in-the-money vertical BULL CALL spread at $4.98 or best.

Get anywhere close to the price and you will have captured 96.15% of the maximum potential profit.

Your 12 day profit comes to a respectable 11.16%.

The risk/reward of continuing for the remaining six trading days until the??October 20 options expiration is no longer favorable.

We are now three months into the FANG flat line that started in July, and I think we have at least another three months to go, when the iPhone X numbers start coming out.

This favors an "Iron Condor" type strategy of buying ever dip and selling every rally.

If Apple drops back to the high $140's I strap this position on again. If Apple rises too fast, I'll sell.

Rapid moves in the shares of the world's largest company are no sustainable.

Buying Apple shares after a $21, 12% correction sounded like a good idea to me last month.

We have a Ping-Pong market now, with investors rapidly rotating back and forth between the FANG's and domestic laggards, like industrial, railroads, energy, legacy semiconductors, financials, and metals.

After a serious dump, the FANG's are not far from a short-term bottom.

This was a bet that Apple shares would NOT fall below $145 by theOctober 20 option expiration in 18 trading days, compared to the then current $156.46.

Longer term, I think Apple will continue to appreciate, possibly to $200 by some time in 2018.

Here are the specific trades you need to execute this position:

Sell 22??October, 2017 (AAPL) $140 calls at..........................................$17.00
Buy to cover short 22??October, 2017 (AAPL) $145 calls at.................$12.02
Net Proceeds:....................................................................................$4.98

Profit: $4.98 - $4.48 = $0.50

(22 X 100 X $0.50) = $1,100 or 11.16% in 12 trading days.



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