2012 Strategy Luncheon Schedule

Many of you have asked for this year’s strategy luncheon calendar so you can make advance travel arrangements, so here it is. This is understandable, since the Orlando luncheon saw visitors from Brazil and Australia, the Los Angeles one had subscribers from Alaska thawing out, and at the London event the distinctive accent of Johannesburg was heard.

This year I am going into the cruise business, holding a seminar in the penthouse suite of the Cunard transatlantic liner, Queen Mary II, en route from New York to Southampton, England. The gathering will be held as we sail over the wreck of the Titanic just to keep us all humble. I promise the captain will be British, not Italian! The events in bold are already listed in the store at www.madhedgefundtrader.com under “LUNCHEONS”. The rest will be posted in coming months. There are still a couple of Beverly Hills tickets left, so if you want to come, get a move on.

January 23 Beverly Hills
January 27 Las Vegas
February 9 Houston
February 10 Orlando
April 20 San Francisco
May 3 Phoenix
June 11 Beverly Hills
June 29 Chicago
July 5 New York
July 6-13 Queen Mary II Cruise
New York to Southampton
July 16 London
July 17 Frankfurt
October 26 San Francisco
November 8 Orlando
January 3, 2013 Chicago