Announcing the Mad Hedge Fund Trader YouTube Video in Istanbul

Come with me to visit one of the most lavish palaces ever built, complete with its own harem. Explore one of the boldest engineering works ever undertaken. Learn how to navigate your way around a Turkish bazaar. Admire some of the greatest wonders of the architectural world.

These are just a few of the enticements to be found in my personal video tour of Istanbul, Turkey.

One request I get more than any other, is to expand on my half-century of international travel, provide a business, economic, and historical backdrop, and place it in today’s global context.

Shake up such a cocktail of experience and knowledge, and more than a few trading and investment ideas spill over the top. If it’s funny, that helps too.

It seems that I am one of a tiny handful of people still alive in the world today who can do this.

This is not your normal travel show. Think of it as Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous meets The Economist and the History Channel, all couched in a language any trader will understand.

These are places of interest I have accumulated over five decades of living out of backpacks and suitcases. The goal is for you to learn from every single segment.

One of the great advantages of spending so long on the road is that I can chronicle the momentous changes that civilization has endured over the past half century. And sometimes, what hasn’t changed is much more impressive than what has.

I will be the sole producer of content for this show, grinding out entertainment and education as easy and cheaply as possible. Like everything else on the Internet, I am looking to achieve zero cost and infinite distribution.

So, all of the audio will be shot on my iPhone 5s. A running audio commentary will be provided via the Audio Memos app. Since the iPhone 5s is so sensitive, it picks up all the ambient sounds around me. I can only provide live audio when there is dead silence elsewhere.

Since the 19th century broadband found in many foreign hotels makes it difficult for me to email content back to the head office, segments are limited to a minute each. Each program will run from 15-30 minutes in length.

Full disclosure: None of the people involved in the production of this program have the slightest idea of what they are doing. They include the producers, editors, website designers, researchers, and of course, myself, the presenter, writer, and cameraman.

However, as with the inception of the Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader seven years ago, we shall push ourselves down the learning curve at hyper speed, or we shall perish. In a few months, these shows should get pretty good, and might even make an appearance on a cable TV channel someday.

If you have any suggestions for how we might improve this service, or comments of any kind, positive or negative, please don’t hesitate to email me at . Just put “Video show” in the subject line and it will go straight to me.

You can’t beat the price. It’s free. The philosophy of this business has always been to charge people for the content that makes them money, like our market beating Trade Alert service, and give everything else for nothing.

So please come join me on my adventure in Istanbul by clicking here. Or just go to my home page at and click on the “MHFT VIDEO” menu tab.

Bon Voyage!

John Thomas - Harem