August 6, 2010 – Emerging Markets Are on a Tear

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2) Emerging Markets Are on a Tear. Regular readers of this letter know that I have been going on about emerging markets like a broken record (as my kids ask 'What's a record?'). My favorite investment targets have been on an absolute tear lately. In July, Poland (EPOL), (click here for 'Where to Play the Dead Cat Bounce in Europe' ) soared by 25%, Chile (ECH) rocketed by 17% (click here for 'Chile is Looking Hot"), Singapore popped 13% (click here for 'Singapore Sizzles'), and Indonesia jumped 11% (click here for that call). Portfolio managers are voting with their feet, unsurprisingly choosing to invest in the portion of the global economy that will account for 90% of growth for the next decade, and giving a cold shoulder to the home market that will only provide 10%. They are capturing a double whammy in that appreciating currencies and rising share prices create a leveraged, hockey stick effect on trading profits. If you want to run with the bulls, make sure your passport is current.

iShares MSCI Poland Investable Market Index Fund

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Keep Your Passport Current if You Want to Run With The Bulls