December 1, 2010 – The Portland Thanksgiving Strategy Luncheon


1) The Portland Thanksgiving Strategy Luncheon. Many thanks to all who attended the First Annual Portland Thanksgiving Strategy Luncheon, whose repartee, give and take, and wide-ranging debate made the event well worth the trip from Fog City. I always take in more from these events than I dish out, which is why I do so many. Talking to local businessmen about conditions gives me a leading economic indicator to rival the Fed's, and there is always that hard core trader who has picked up a third derivative angle with an options play that I have somehow missed. Kudos to Paul, who won the prize for the greatest distance traveled, 385 miles from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Please spend your newly acquired Zimbabwean dollars freely.

Of course, I nearly froze wearing my summer suit to the soggy Pacific Northwest. It was so cold I received a free upgrade on my car rental to a fire engine red Dodge Charger, as the car wash was frozen solid, so only dirty cars were available. I feel sorry for the drunk who was tossed out of a downtown Portland bar, only to be found frozen to death in the adjacent ally the next morning.

An attempt by a Somali terrorist to explode a car bomb at Frontier Square during the Christmas tree lighting that night was an unwelcome development, even if it was a dud, provided courtesy of the FBI. This is the second time I experienced a near miss this year. My May New York Strategy Luncheon found a real car bomb parked in front of my hotel on Times Square, which was fortunately diffused in time. Was it something I said?

See you all next year, when hopefully, I shall have to rent the Grand Ballroom to accommodate all the guests. I urge Southern California residents to sign up for the next Los Angeles Strategy Luncheon this Friday,  December 3, where I expect a large contingent of 'snow geese' flying down from Alaska.




My Portland Strategy Luncheon Crasher