February 17, 2011 – Global Strategy Review With OptionMonster’s Pete Najarian



1) Global Strategy Review With OptionMonster's Pete Najarian. Please join John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader, and OptionMonster's Pete Najarian for a free live webinar on Thursday, February 17 at 12:00 noon EST. It will be a no holds barred, mano a mano, smack down where we will debate the future of every major global asset class.

Is the stock market rally coming to an end, or is there more to go? Should we be buying dips or selling rallies in gold and precious metals? Is the commodities boom a yearlong or decade long phenomenon? Which sectors on the international landscape will be the winners or losers? Are the agricultural plays getting tired, or is it time for a second helping?  Will the collapse of the bond market or a spike in oil prices bring the party to an end?

Pete Najarian is a former linebacker for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings who graduated to the pits of Chicago's volatile, and occasionally dangerous, commodity trading pits. With his brother, Jon, he developed a proprietary computer program called Heat Seeker® which monitors no less than 180,000 trades a second to give him an early warning of moves that are about to hit the stock, options, and futures markets.

To give you an idea of how much data this is, think of downloading the entire contents of the Library of Congress, about 20 terabytes, every 33 minutes. His firm maintains a 10 gigabyte per second conduit that transfers data at 6,000 times the speed of a T-1 line, the fastest such pipe in the civilian world. Pete then distills this ocean of data into the top movers of the day, which he puts up for free on his website, and offers much more detailed analysis through a premium subscription product. 'As with the NFL,' says Pete, 'you can't defend against speed.'

The system catches big hedge funds, pension funds, and mutual funds shifting large positions, giving subscribers a peak at the bullish or bearish tilt of the market. It also offers accurate predictions of imminent moves in single stock and index volatility.

Pete still has a handshake that's like a steel vice grip, and I am still undergoing physical therapy for the last time I did so six months ago.

To participate in the webinar, please click here. For those who miss the live show, I'll try to post an MP3 file for replay on Hedge Fund Radio later in the day. To learn more about OptionMonster, please visit their site by clicking here at http://www.optionmonster.com/ .