Get the Most Bank Per Buck From my Research.

Sometimes market moves call for options, and I’ve used a lot of them recently. Can options be profitable? The proof is in the pudding as my strategies have paid off handsomely. However, I do get a lot of questions about option strategies and how best to place trades. In an effort to help my readers improve their profits I have scheduled an options training seminar for the first week in November – and I’ve gone one better.

This options training session will be a half-day session run by the folks at TradeMONSTER, and will be part of a 2-day economic symposium run by the HS Dent group of Harry Dent fame. I’ve been a guest speaker at this event in the past and will be part of their lineup at a later session as well. The combined program is a two-day information and education feast. The options training will be the second half of the second day of the symposium.

TradeMONSTER is the trading platform run by my friends, the Najarian brothers, the guys on CNBC with ponytails that report from the old exchange in Chicago. Their representative will discuss options in general then get into the nitty gritty of strategies like the ones I use, although I don’t often use the official names, like bull put spread, bear call spread, verticals, and even Iron Condors. Don’t get lost in the vernacular; just know that they will help you sort this out so that you better understand how to take advantage of my research. I’ll be there at the end of the options session to answer questions and share a cocktail.

The economic symposium put on by HS Dent, which they call Demographics School, gives you the lay of the land in our economy. It will outline how the economy works and what most likely lies ahead based on how consumers spend money. Here’s a hint – old people buy less toys and spend more on healthcare, which sounds simple but has profound implications for our country and the world. These trends unfold over a long time period and if you pay attention you can make a lot of money. Short term moves can be very profitable, but you have to keep in mind how the world is shaping up in the background. If you lose sight of the long term, you risk having it run you over.

So here’s the scoop. The 2-day event will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, November 7th and 8th, 2012, in Tampa, FL at the Renaissance Hotel. The cost of the event is typically $1,995, but through my relationship with these two organizations I am able to get my subscribers in for just $895. This includes the symposium, the options training, breakfast and lunch on both days, as well as a cocktail hour. Harry Dent will be on hand Wednesday afternoon and I understand he also sticks around to share a drink. So come to learn as well as share stories and ideas with Harry and me.

To register for the event, click on this link