July 29, 2010 – Making a New Home for My Nissan Leaf

Featured Trades: (NISSAN LEAF), (NSANY), (PGE)

3) Making a New Home for My Nissan Leaf. The electrician from Nissan Motors (NSANY) showed up at my home today to ascertain if it can generate sufficient juice to recharge my new all electric Leaf, which will be delivered in December.

The good news is that it does, but the town permits and the installation of a new 50 amp circuit breaker for the EVSE charging dock (see below) was going to run several hundred dollars, half of which is tax deductable. Since the charging dock will have a 25 foot cable with a SAE standard J1772 universal plug, it can be used to top up a Leaf, a Volt, or any other electrical vehicle that comes down the pike. It is also over engineered to handle triple the Leaf's load demand to accommodate future upgrades with heftier battery packs.

It was quite entertaining chatting with the tech, drawing as much as I could from an ancient electrical engineering course I took in college. Some of his customers were 'extreme' environmental early adopters, with bidirectional 'time of use' electric meters that allow their solar panels and wind mills to make them net suppliers of power to the grid. My new PG&E (PGE) smart meter actually scored poorly on its SAT test, as it was still awaiting some future upgrade to become fully functional. He then pinned a life sized poster of my new charging station to the wall in the appropriate location, presumably so we and our gardening tools can learn to live with it.

As he left, he thanked me for taking the technology a long awaited leap forward. Wow! When was the last time someone thanked me for my business? I think all of this makes Nissan stock a huge buy here at $15.25, as the compnay is perfectly positioned to own the highest growth sector of its market.