On That Tesla Recommendation

Will the person who bought Tesla shares (TSLA) on my recommendation last year at $30 please email me? I was traveling in Europe over the summer and lost your email address. I would like to get a testimonial from you. The stock hit $173.70 today, and is up 580% from your cost, making it the top performing US stock this year.

With the money you’ve made you can probably buy a Tesla now. I recommend the high performance Model S-1 with the upgraded sound system and the 270-mile range. I have one, and they are to die for. It’s the only car I ever bought where the specifications keep improving every month with each automatic software update. Or you can wait until next year and by the four-wheel drive SUV Model X. I am on the waiting list for that one.

You owe me.

TSLA 9-3-13

JT with Tesla