Only Hours Left to Beat My Price Increase

Due to the overwhelming surge in new subscriptions last night, my website crashed, preventing many subscribers from renewing at the old $1,997 annual rate BEFORE THE February 7 deadline. I am therefore extending my special offer for just 24 more hours. After that, at midnight EST, Wednesday February 8, prices for both of my products are rising by 50%.

It is an old adage in the investment business that you get what you pay for. Followers of my Macro Millionaire   trade mentoring got quite a lot last year, with my 56 recommendations bringing in a return of 40.17%.

Since this is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and the last bastion of capitalism, I am going to use this strength to raise prices for the first time in 18 months. The return of inflation starts here.  I am also going to plow my profits into substantially upgrading my products.

My Trade Alert Service will change names to the Global Trade Dispatch. The new services will include a beefed up research team covering a broader array of asset classes, more strategy lunches and seminars around the world, instantaneous distribution of trade alerts through text messaging, and a relaunch of Hedge Fund Radio. It will also include an enhanced live customer support. The new prices are:

$3,000 - One year subscription to Global Trade Dispatch, including the daily newsletter, trade alerts, and webinars

$500 - Three month subscription to the daily newsletter only

Since I value loyalty, I am honoring the old price of $1,997 until February 8 only. So if your subscription is about to run out, or if you have been sitting on the fence with a view to subscribing, now is the time to act.

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