Send Me Your Ideas

The Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader is now approaching its seventh year of publication.

During this time, I have religiously been pumping out 1,500 words a day, or eight double spaced typed pages, of original, independent minded, hard hitting, and often wickedly funny research.

I’ve been covering stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals, real estate, and agricultural products. You’ve been kept up on my travels around the world, and got to listen in on my conversations with those who drive the financial markets. I also occasionally opine on politics, but only when it has a direct market impact, such as with the recent Washington shutdown.

The site now contains over 3 million words, or six times the length of Tolstoy’s epic War and Peace. Unfortunately, it feels like I have written on every possible topic at least 20 times over. So I am reaching out to you, the reader, to suggest new areas of research that I may have missed until now which you believe justify further investigation.

Please send any and all ideas directly to me at, and put “Research Idea” in the subject line.

The great thing about running an online business is that I can evolve it to meet your needs on a daily basis. Many of the new products and services that I have introduced since 2008 have come at your suggestion. That has enabled me to improve the product’s quality, to your benefit.

The Diary originally started out as a daily email to my hedge fund investors giving them an update on fast market moving events. This was at a time when the financial markets were in free fall, and the end of the world seemed near.

I thought, differently, but didn’t have time to hold hands with every customer individually over the phone. The daily emails gave me the scalability that I so desperately needed. Today’s global mega enterprise grew from there. Presently, the Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader is read in 140 countries.

If you want to read my first pitiful attempt at a post, please click here for my February 1, 2008 post. It urged readers to buy gold at $950 (it soared to $1,920), and buy the Euro at $1.50 (it went to $1.60). Now you know why this letter has become so I popular. Unfortunately, I also recommended that they sell bonds short. I wasn’t wrong on that one, just early, about five years too early.

I always get asked how long will I keep doing this? The government tells me that the latest I can start drawing down on my retirement funds and Social Security is 70 ½. That’s some 8 ½ years off for me. Then I’ll reassess whether I want to carry on for another decade, or find something else more fun to do. Given the absolute blast I have doing this job, that is highly unlikely. Take a look at the testimonials I get on an almost daily basis and you’ll see why this business is so hard to walk away from (click here for Testimonials).

Fiat Lux (let there be light).