September 1, 2010 – Another Admiring E-Mail


4) Another Admiring E-Mail. I get about 500 emails a day, but occasionally, I get one so choice that I have to pass it on to you. To the thousands of students, job seekers, and soon to be cashiered veterans who read this letter every day online, take heart!

'Dear Mad Hedge Fund Trader,'

'I'd like to purchase a subscription.  I have learnt a lot from your website, and used some of the insights I got in getting a job (first job actually), 4 weeks ago. The job is at XXXX in Sydney, Australia. I'd like to pay you back by getting a 2 year subscription, but $849 is about a quarter of my monthly salary at this point (I'm way down the corporate ladder). If you could send me the details to put in for a subscription, that would be awesome. I will check this mailbox in the morning before I leave for work. Thank you very much, XXXX'

You can't make this stuff up.