September 14, 2011 – Trading Shifts to the Forex Market


2) Trading Shifts to the Forex Market. Those of us who have been in the business for four decades have been overwhelmed by the growth of the foreign exchange business. Since the late sixties, it has grown from a handful of low level clerks speaking on transatlantic lines doing a few hundred million dollars' worth of deals a day, to a breathtaking $4 trillion a day. The move has accelerated since 2008, as traders, attracted by the tight spreads and bottomless liquidity, flee other asset classes into the foreign exchange markets.

Along these lines, a friend of mine, Jason Stapleton, CEO of Triple Threat Trading, is launching a new foreign exchange trading service for individual investors. It neatly compliments my own Macro Millionaire trade mentoring program. It is called the 2011 Protrader Bootcamp, and Jason has kindly agreed to give the readers of this newsletter a free two week trial to the program that includes ten training sessions.

You can't beat the dollar for value. The sessions will feature Live Trading, Guest Speakers, and hours of high quality Forex trading education covering strategies and techniques to keep your portfolio in the black.