September 15, 2010 – Visit the Kitco Metals eConference



2) Visit the Kitco Metals eConference.  If you have a spare hour someday soon, and possess an insatiable interest in precious metals of every description, as you should, then you must visit Kitco Metals eConference conference at .

Kitco is an online trading and investment site specializing in metals which I frequently visit in my research forays, and is the go-to site for the scarcer metals, like Rhodium. After you register for free and log in, you are presented with a visually pleasing virtual lobby offering entrance to a conference hall, resource center, lounge, and prize center, complete with virtual attendees chatting or strolling around. The only thing missing is the bar, a vital necessity in any hard asset gathering (click here for my report on the New York Hard Asset Investment Conference).

There are presentations by regulars on the metals conference circuit, including Marc Faber, Congressman Ron Paul, James Dines, Rick Rule, and Frank Holmes. The conference hall is occupied with profiles from about three dozen mining and resource companies, such as Kaminak Gold Corp, Hecla Mining (HL), and Dorato Resources.

This could be the wave of the future. As you sign up, there is a note pointing out that by attending online, you are saving about 350 pounds of CO2 emissions compared to going in person. If you miss a presentation, Kitco tells me the site will be up for 90 days. And you can't beat that price!


The Only Thing Missing Was the Bar