September 8, 2010 – Thanks for the Testimonials

4) Thanks for the Testimonials. My request for testimonials about the merits of The Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader overwhelmed me with more than 100 responses. Flattering and humbling at the same time, it is a vindication of all the blood, sweat, and tears that I pour into this letter each day. I will be running some of the best at the bottom of the letter every few days. Thanks, all of you!

‘I have been a retail stockbroker for 29 years and I spend a great amount of time reading and “net” surfing for info, ideas, and insights otherwise my clients will receive the same dull, uninspired, and mostly unprofitable opportunities that are primarily designed to generate fees for the large financial institutions that now own virtually everything, including the brokerage firm I worked at for 26 years.’

‘I have been checking your site since about January. For several years, before 2008, I have been trying to inspire my clients to look outside the buy and hold stocks/mutual fund strategies of the prior 20 years and to look at other markets, geographically and in an asset class sense. Otherwise I am afraid that their investment returns for the next 10 years will be no better than the last 10 if not worse.’

‘I believe I have done a decent job of protecting their assets, but as you know that ain’t going to cut it going forward. At some point you need returns, and I truly believe we need a broader scope to achieve that, and that is where you come in.’

‘You obviously have a broad view as well as depth, and are not content to write about “another list of high quality dividend paying stocks.” Your circle of contacts in business and government, not to mention the industry, is quite impressive and obviously evolved over a number of years. Love your sense of humor.  My view is that only those who really understand their craft can see the humor and irony. And yes it is true that even one idea will more than pay for your subscription cost. ‘

Thanks again for your unique work.

AJ in Louisiana

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