The Emerging “BUY” on Emerging Markets

Thai Dancer

No asset class has been beaten more severely this year than emerging markets. Since the March, 2011 high, the iShares MSCI Emerging Market ETF (EEM) has plunged from $48 to $35.80, a loss of 25%. Individual markets have fared far worse. The Market Vectors Indonesia ETF (IDX) has taken a 39% haircut, while the Powershares India Portfolio ETF (PIN) has cratered by 46%. It … [Read more...]

Keep Indonesia on your Radar

Indonesian Natives

If you are looking for another emerging market to add to your list of things to buy on dips, then take a look at Indonesia (IDX). The world’s largest Muslim country offers a combination that I love, a population with great demographics that is also a major energy and commodities exporter. The archipelago is the biggest country in Southeast Asia and a huge exporter of oil and … [Read more...]

The Future of Consumer Spending?

World Middle Class

As part of my never ending campaign to get you to move more money into emerging markets, please take a look at the chart below from Goldman Sachs. It shows that the global middle class will rise from 1.8 billion today to 4 billion by 2040, with the overwhelming portion of the increase occurring in emerging markets. The chart defines middle class as those earning between … [Read more...]