Thank you for the call I received from your staff the other day, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to renew my subscription to the Mad Hedge Fund Trader.

There’s nothing I’d like to do more than renew. I truly enjoy your insights on the markets and a description of your many travels. I have been following you for years and it is really a great deal.

However, I am active duty Air Force and recently got a command job. That means I have to go off to the Air War College. I know you didn’t get that far in your service, but consider yourself lucky. I have to read 100 pages a day, and it is a major commitment of time. So I can’t give you the time you deserve.

I hope to re up at a later date.

Lieutenant Colonel
US Air Force
Dell Rio, Texas

Note from John Thomas: Thank you for your service Charlie.

John Thomas - BomberJohn Thomas Flying a 1943 Boeing B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress