Just want to let you know that I have had some great trades with you this year. I made the most money on (FXE), with (IWM) in second place. (IBM) was in third place - with one trade from you and comments from Jim Parker.

I've found that when Jim says a stock has hit bottom it's usually a good time to buy, even if he doesn't send out a Trade Alert. You were right when you said we can make more money waiting for a few good trades instead of overtrading.

Most of the money I lost this year was from my own mistakes - overtrading, not stopping out and waiting too long to take profits. My intention was to do only what you said, but the market is very tempting.

After looking back on my trades this year, I'm thinking I should reconsider and sign up for Jim's service again. It doesn't take many trades to pay for the service, even if I can't keep up with it all the time. And I learn a lot from him too.

I expect 2015 to be a great year! Safe travels over the holidays!

Orlando, Florida

John Thomas